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I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kevon Spire of Spire Electric because I want to share the outstanding experience we had recently with him and his company.

Our electrical problem was an intermittent loss of one whole leg of our 220 voltage which resulted in half of our house going on and off. No breakers tripped but something was definitely wrong. Kevon Spire came out and diagnosed the problem as our main breaker being faulty. At first glance this appeared simple but the manufacture of our panel and breakers was no longer in business and parts were not readily available. Kevon could have tried to convince us to replace the entire panel which would have been quite costly. Instead he sought to find a much more reasonable solution.

Together we found a replacement main breaker online and Kevon reviewed the specs, came back to double check that it would fit and ultimately replaced it. When we received our bill I felt he had undercharged us. The actual replacement only took an hour but he had come over several times prior to make sure all the bases were covered.

In appreciation for all his work, I wrote a check to Spire Electric for more than the invoice. I felt it appropriate to show in some way just how happy I was for the work he had done.

We now have peace of mind knowing the job was done right by a company that cares about its clients, is honest and of the highest integrity.

I would recommend him most enthusiastically and without any reservation.