Residential and Commercial Electrical Service

Residential and Commercial Electrical Service

Spire Electric makes emergency residential and commercial service calls throughout Manatee and Sarasota Counties for a wide variety of issues. In
addition to working on circuit breakers, panel and fuse replacements, we address many other common problems that need our expertise.

Everyone knows how important it is to live and work in a safe environment. But many of us are unaware of the hidden dangers of faulty wiring, unprotected or overloaded outlets, and insufficient power for our ever-growing collection of appliances, lighting, and electronics. One of the smartest things you can do about your electrical system is to be sure everything is working properly and as effectively as it should.

  • Preparing to buy or sell a home or commercial building?

Spire Electric can troubleshoot and repair most code violations that need correcting – insuring that all work is done according to National Electrical Code (NEC) guidelines.

  • Electrical damage from a power surge or lightning strike?

Small, repeated power surges over time can damage your electronic equipment (i.e. your computer, television or stereo). The most powerful surge can come from lightning, which can really damage large appliances such as air conditioners, pool pumps and refrigerator motors. When that happens, repairs can be costly. Living in sunny Florida has its advantages – but as the lightning capital of North America, having surge/lightning protection installed in your home or office may minimize damage in the future.

  • Lights blinking, dimming, flickering, or just not working?

These symptoms may be caused by faulty wiring, inadequate power, or failing light fixtures. Spire Electric can troubleshoot, evaluate the problem, repair and/or replace all types of lighting fixtures, indoor or out.

  • New appliances or electronic equipment requiring additional amperage?

Sometimes the purchase of a large appliance such as a spa, new stove, refrigerator or microwave oven may require more current than what you have. Spire Electric can install new wiring, a panel upgrade, or a dedicated circuit in order to get your new appliance, motor or electronic equipment working right away.

Do it yourself? Or call an experienced electrician?

If you’re not sure about your skill level in tackling an electrical repair, don’t take any risks. The electricians at Spire Electric have expertise way beyond the typical homeowner. And if you think your problem is too small to worry about, reconsider — we are happy to respond to any job, no matter what size. We give free estimates and our rates are reasonable.

Call 941.758.1935 (office) or 941.915.2840 (cell) if you have an electrical problem that needs attention right away. We’ll have it resolved quickly, effectively, and safely.

Why Choose Spire Electric?

Our desire is to always be known for our professionalism, performance, and most of all our integrity. We have been providing superior residential and commercial electrical service to customers in Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, Oneco, and other nearby communities since 1987.

Because word of mouth is the best kind of advertisement, we include comments received from our clients throughout this website.

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