Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent ballast – Installation & Change

All gas discharge lamps, including fluorescent lamps, require a ballast to operate. The ballast provides a high initial voltage to initiate the discharge, then rapidly limits the lamp current to safely sustain the discharge. Ballasts are designed to optimally operate a unique lamp type; however, some ballasts will adequately operate more than one type of lamp. In these cases, optimum lamp performance is generally not achieved under all conditions. Less than optimum conditions may affect the lamp’s starting characteristics, light output, and operating life.

Fluorescent lamps are reasonably efficient at converting input power to light. Nevertheless, much of the power supplied into a fluorescent lamp-ballast system produces waste heat energy.

There are three primary ways to improve the efficiency of a fluorescent lamp-ballast system:

  • Reduce the ballast losses.
  • Operate the lamp(s) at a high frequency.
  • Reduce losses attributable to the lamp electrodes.

Let our electricians help install and change your fluorescent ballast on any lamps that you need. You may want to think about upgrading T-12 tubes and ballast to T-8 which draw less power and produce more light.

Spire Electric is famous for quickly responding to the service call needs of its customers. After all, if something electrical has stopped working, the customer wants it to work again. For this reason, we make every effort to give service calls a scheduling priority.

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