Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Circuit breakers and fuses are automatic devices designed to shut off the power from a circuit when the electrical current/amperage exceeds its ratings, or overloads the wiring. Circuit breakers and fuses protect your household appliances and electrical devices from having excessive current, which can damage them. They also protect the wiring in your house or business from overheating — a dangerous situation which can cause fires. Effective circuit breakers and fuses are essential for the safety of your home or business; without them, we run the risk of serious damage.

The simplest circuit protection is a fuse, which when subjected to too much current than it is designed for, will disintegrate, opening the circuit and turning things off (such as lights). When that happens, the fuse is blown and must be replaced. A circuit breaker operates the same way but can be used over and over again by resetting the breaker.

In newer homes, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners and other large appliances most likely have their own dedicated circuit breakers, but in older homes and buildings this may not be the case. Main circuit breakers are usually located in electrical panels mounted on the outside of the house, in the garage, or on an inside wall. There may be subpanels located in other parts of the house or building; for instance, by pool equipment or a group of motors.

Warning signs of an electrical problem in your home or business include:

  • Dimming lights
  • Partial electricity
  • Receptacles or lights not working
  • No power at all
  • Circuit breakers tripping or turning off
  • Blown fuses

If you have determined that your problems are not due to a larger power outage from your local utility company, then something is wrong in your electrical system. It may be an overload on a particular circuit, or there may be a weak or defective circuit breaker that continues to turn itself off even when there is not an overload. There may also be faulty or loose wiring or a malfunctioning device in the circuit that needs to be replaced.

Whatever the reason, it is important to identify the problem right away. Circuit breaker failure is considered a significant safety issue. Call a qualified electrician who can identify the source of the problem and fix it right away.

What to do if you have an electrical problem

If you live in the Bradenton – Sarasota area, call the qualified professionals at Spire Electric. We will identify the cause of your electrical problem and have it resolved quickly, effectively — and safely.

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