Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Ceiling Fans & Lighting

Ceiling Fans

There are some great benefits to adding ceiling fans in your Florida home, and Spire Electric has been installing them for residential and commercial customers in Bradenton, Sarasota and surrounding communities for almost 30 years. The greatest advantage is money saved in energy costs. Most ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 100-watt light bulb.

When used properly, ceiling fans can save you money in utility bills in both the winter and summer months. In summer, effective circulation can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, and reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%. Reversing the fan direction in winter months pushes the air upward and forces the warmer ceiling air down the walls without creating a chilling breeze. This can result in an 8% reduction in heating bills.

Ceiling fans come in many different looks and add style to the room. Many stores in our area have an extensive line of ceiling fans to choose from. Styles range from traditional, to contemporary, to tropical look, and can bring fanciful fun to children’s rooms.

Tips when purchasing a new ceiling fan

Choose a high quality ceiling fan that will provide you years of efficient, quiet operation. A good quality efficient motor will move the most air with the least amount of energy. Refer to Energy Star for guidelines in selecting the right fan for your room.

Decide what special features you would like with the ceiling fan, for instance, attached lighting or a remote control.

Choose the right fan blade size for the room size, and the right length down rod so that the fan is hanging the proper distance from the ceiling. When you start shopping, take your room’s dimensions with you.

Suggested fan sizes by room size:

Small rooms up to 64 square feet: 29″ fan blade span
Rooms up to 100 square feet: 42″
Rooms from 100 up to 225 square feet: 52″
Rooms up to 400 square feet: 56″, 60″, or two 52″ fans

  • It is important to have the correct ceiling box that will handle the weight of your new fan safely. Spire Electric can check this out before installing so you’ll be sure that the box is rated for the right size fan — and code approved.
  • Be sure to purchase the wall speed control and the down rod at the same location where you purchase the ceiling fan so that everything is compatible.
  • Call Spire Electric to install your new fan — 941.758.1935 Office ~ 941.915.2840 Cell


One of the most important elements of your home environment, lighting sets the mood, illuminates your work and enhances your safety.

Spire electric can install chandeliers and wall sconces to create an elegant atmosphere, pendant lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting and under-counter lighting to make work easier, yard and patio lighting to expand your living space, and special purpose lighting to spotlight artwork and beautiful features in your home.

Want energy savings? Switch to fluorescent fixtures for work spaces or add dimmer switches to set light levels to just what you need. Timer switches are handy for locations such as a pantry or walk-in closet, where you can program the lights to go off in 5 or 10 minutes. Time clock switches can turn your landscaping lights and certain indoor lights on or off according to your preferred schedule, and are also great for home security. The possibilities are almost endless — and Spire Electric can do it all for you.

Need a consultation? For both ceiling fans and lighting, we are happy to work with the sales team from your choice of suppliers to select the right products for your interior design or task lighting needs.

Whatever your choice, you can rely on Spire Electric to install your fans and lighting properly and safely.

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